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Joanie Johnson

Occupational Therapist
Master in Public Administration: Heath Administration

Welcome to Polish2Prosper! I’m Joan Johnson, Healthcare Career Possibilitarian. 

I would love to share a little bit about my expertise in non-clinical career transitions.

Early Career Experience

I started my career in 2004 as an Occupational Therapist working in early intervention and inpatient hospital settings.  Six years later, I stepped out of direct patient care into leadership and clinical operations positions.  

By deploying a strong career development plan, I proceeded to advance in my non-clinical career in Director level positions within both clinical organizations and Care Management for a health plan.  I have now been working in non-clinical roles for 14+ years of my professional career!

Polish2Prosper formed organically from others asking about my transition out of the clinical space.  And let’s be honest…. those outside of the rehabilitation world have no idea what an OT does, and what rehabilitation professionals can offer to other work settings.  Thus, I developed a highly effective long-term career plan and applied “interventions” to execute my upward career mobility outside the clinical realm.  Polish2Prosper was established to share my knowledge and experience with others who yearn for clinical professional and financial growth in their career outside the typical clinical setting.

Why work with me?

In my leadership experience, I have partnered closely with Human Resources, Recruiting Specialists, and Talent Acquisition to write job descriptions, recruit candidates, organize interview panels, and hire candidates for a variety of competitive positions. 

I have gained valuable knowledge in clinical staffing and recruiting strategy, employee relations and retention, compensation policy, and behavioral interviewing techniques. Using a strong business acumen to build human capital and align organizations with qualified talent, I simultaneously help professionals make career transitions using strategic upward career mobility strategy.

I understand the complexities and barriers of getting your foot in the door with  competitive non-clinical positions and want to share the tangible action steps that can help you achieve upward career mobility!  By combining my keen understanding of the changing job market and aligning client skills with growing industries, I partner with clients to help you position yourself with the assets that hiring managers are seeking.   

Passion for Career Mobility Planning

I love partnering with clients to develop career clarity and tangible solutions that help clients stand out in a competitive job market.  I believe that you have more to contribute to an organization than your clinical credentials, and developing a confident professional brand can help open doors to new non-clinical career opportunities. With extensive professional growth outside the traditional clinical setting, I am uniquely positioned to help you develop a career roadmap to polish your presentation to prosper in your professional career.