Welcome to the next level. You know the field is competitive and you want to stand above the rest of the applicants every step of the way, nail the interview, and get an offer at the top of the salary range — because you’re worth it.

Prepare for Interviews:

Prepare for job interviews by researching the company, practicing common interview questions, and preparing responses to potential questions about your career change.


Once you have accepted a job offer, prepare for your transition by organizing your finances, notifying your current employer, and preparing for your new role.

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“Every time I interview for a position, my nerves get the best of me and I end up being passed over.  The interview coaching support Joan provided helped me build my bank of organized and articulate answers to impress the interview panel.  I aced my last interview, and it ended in a job offer!”

Renee S., Occupational Therapist Project Manager

Congratulations! You’re well on your way to career fulfillment. Career fulfillment can feel different for everyone, but generally, it involves a sense of satisfaction and contentment with your work.

Here’s what to expect:


Feeling a sense of purpose or meaning in your work. Feeling like your work contributes to something meaningful and important.


Feeling like you are continuously learning and growing in your new role. Being challenged to develop new skills and abilities.


Feeling like your work has a positive impact on others, the community, or the world at large. Feeling like you are making a difference in the lives of others.


Having a sense of autonomy and control over your work. Feeling like you have the ability to make decisions and take ownership of your achievements and outcomes.


Feeling appreciated and recognized for your contributions. Feeling like your work is valued and respected by colleagues and superiors.


Having a healthy work-life balance. Feeling like your work is not overwhelming or all-consuming and leaves room for other important aspects of life.

Overall, career fulfillment can feel like a sense of joy, purpose, and satisfaction. It can also lead to greater overall life satisfaction and well-being.

Direct Services

P2P Product procrastination
Procrastination Interview Preparation Session

$499 | 60 Minutes

(Evenings and weekends only – email for availability)

Work directly with Joan for a 60 minute coaching session to achieve the following:

Craft your position elevator pitch specific to the job description and duties

Learn how to anticipate and articulate answers based on the interviewees and position

Learn to tailor your specific examples for behavioral interview questions to impress the panel

P2P product interviewprep
Perfect to Impress Interview Preparation Program

$989 | 2 Sessions

Work directly with Joan for two, 60-minute coaching sessions to achieve the following:

The first session will cover:

How to craft your position elevator pitch

Learn how to anticipate and articulate answers based on the interviewees and position

Review your qualifications for the position to emphasize your skills and how they align with the job description


P2P ProductImage Template Unlock the Secrets of Success

Unlock the Secrets of Success: Behavioral Interviewing Skills for Success

$199 | 60 Minutes

In this dynamic 60-minute course, you’ll:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of behavioral interviewing techniques and how they differ from traditional interview methods.
  • Learn to identify and deconstruct common behavioral interview questions like “Tell me about a time you faced a challenge…”
  • Develop a structured approach (SOAR method) to crafting compelling and impactful responses that showcase your skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Learn how to practice your newly acquired skills in a variety of professional interview scenarios.