Prosper: Landing Your Dream Job at Your Dream Salary

Congratulations! You’ve reached the culmination of your career development journey. In this step, we will equip you with the ultimate tools to secure your dream position and maximize your earnings potential. Whether it’s leveraging your professional network like a pro or mastering salary negotiation, we’ll ensure you step into your new role feeling confident, empowered, and financially rewarded.


“I was nervous and unsure how to negotiate the salary offer I received, so I consulted with Joan on the best strategy and approach.  As a result of her professional advice and coaching, I negotiated $20k more per year to my initial job offer.  I am so thankful for the strategy provided to give me the confidence to showcase my value and negotiate my worth.”

Melodie F., Director of Quality

1. Salary Negotiation

Learn the art of negotiating a salary that reflects your worth. Hone your communication skills, understand market value, and develop strategies to win the compensation package you deserve.

2. Professional Networking

Cultivate meaningful connections within your industry. Discover effective networking strategies and leverage your network to access hidden job opportunities and insider knowledge that supports career mobility.

3. Value Proposition

Articulate your unique value proposition and confidently communicate your skills, experience, and achievements to potential employers. Learn how to tailor your message to specific job descriptions and impress hiring managers.

4. Target Market Research

Gain a deep understanding of your target position, organization, or industry and learn about specific job roles. Analyze salary trends, research company culture, and identify potential negotiation leverage points.

5. Compensation Package Negotiation

Don’t settle for the first offer! Explore potential counteroffers, understand the negotiation landscape, and leverage your skills and research to secure the best possible terms.

6. Career Confidence

Build unshakeable self-belief throughout your job search journey. Develop your personal brand, refine your interview skills, and radiate confidence that attracts employers and commands respect.

Prosper transforms this vision into reality

Explore powerful strategies like:

Market-savvy negotiation tactics

Learn to research, articulate, and advocate for your desired salary with data-driven confidence.

Network like a pro

Discover secrets to building genuine connections, conducting impactful informational interviews, and unlocking a world of exclusive opportunities.

Crafting your irresistible value proposition

Master the art of communicating your unique strengths and achievements in a way that resonates with employers.

Targeted industry research

Uncover salary trends, analyze company cultures, and identify key negotiation leverage points for your dream role.

Offer management expertise

Understand counteroffers, navigate negotiation dynamics, and secure the terms you deserve with unwavering resolve.

Unwavering career confidence

Develop a powerful personal brand, refine your interview skills, and command respect with an aura of self-belief.

Polish2prosper is here to guide you every step of the way to securing the amazing new employment opportunity you have been waiting for. Let’s unlock your full potential and pave the path to your dream career!

Direct Services

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Negotiating your Total Compensation Package you deserve: How to successfully negotiate your salary and benefits coaching package

$199 | 60 Minute Zoom Call

In this dynamic 60-minute coaching call, you’ll:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to negotiate your total compensation package.
  • Learn to articulate your salary and benefit package needs in an organized and approachable way.
  • Develop a structured approach to crafting compelling and impactful reasoning for your compensation needs and negotiate like a pro.


P2P Product salarynegotiationskills

Salary Negotiation Skills

$199 | 60 Minutes

Master the art of confident and effective salary negotiation with “Salary Negotiation Skills: Understanding Compensation Packages and Negotiating with Confidence and Class.” This comprehensive digital course equips you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to advocate for your worth, secure a competitive compensation package, and advance your career with financial confidence.

Engage with video lessons, interactive activities, and downloadable resources.