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When clients contact us regarding our services, we always ask, “What is your job search strategy?”

Why? Approach and strategy are key determinants on how successful you will be in your job search. Without a strategy and clear plan, you will feel overwhelmed, defeated, and waste time and energy that does not end in fruitful outcomes.

Here are some tangible tips and tricks to assuring you have a solid job search strategy:

  • Make sure companies can find you, and you are actively involved using various online job searching platforms. Utilize LinkedIn, business, and professional networking groups. We cannot emphasize this enough. Leveraging your professional network and relationships can open doors to the “Hidden Job Market”. It also allows for more opportunities to learn about different organizations, trends, and job market shifts.
  • Investigate what companies or organizations in your area are hiring. What types of positions do you see posted, and how do they align with your skills and experience? Following job boards and signing up for organization’s email lists will help you keep abreast of patterns and new postings, both of which, you can use to your advantage in your job search.
  • Write it down! Track position titles and job descriptions that peak your interest. Finding patterns in job postings, as well as areas that are growing and expanding, can help you see industry trends and you may learn about a position you did not know existed.
  • Always, always, always tailor your resume and cover letter for each position. Generic documents will not get you very far in a competitive job market. Human Resource Managers, Talent Acquisition and Hiring Managers need to immediately see your skills, accomplishments, and traits that are pertinent to the position. Make it bold, clear, and easy for them to read.
  • Track your job applications and responses in a spreadsheet. Yes, this is redundant and extra work. However, if you are not hearing back when applying, it may be a sign that you need to update your documents, or a different approach is needed. This will also help when you get contacted about a previous application, as you can save the posting information and refresh your memory for potential interview. Large organizations often move slowly, so do not be surprised when they contact you and you have forgotten which position you applied for.
  • Stay optimistic. Receiving a job offer can take 6 months, even in a good economy and job market. Having a solid job search strategy and following a consistent plan will help you maintain momentum and direction with your job search.
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