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Job Searching is Frustrating

Searching for a new job can be a soul-sucking task, especially when you are applying for position after position, with no response. Some days it seems easier to just throw in the towel.

  1. There are many factors that influence the timeline to go from unemployed to hired. The State of the Economy and the Job Market. Following the pandemic, the job market has changed and the demand for autonomy AND remote work as increased – making the job market more competitive for specific positions and it’s prolonging the hiring process.
  2. Economic conditions in your geographical region. What’s the economy like in your immediate area? Are you in a busy metropolitan area or a quieter rural area? Your job search is going to be impacted by your immediate location.
  3. Quantity of jobs. This one is a no brainer – if there are more job seekers, than positions available, your job search isn’t going to be easy. You need to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Geographic Flexibility – are you willing to re-locate? How far are you willing to commute? These are factors that impact your job search. The more flexible you are, the easier it may be to lockdown a position. Keep in mind, be open to HYBRID positions as they might have a telecommute option.
  5. Job Preference Flexibility – Do you have your mind set on one position and one position alone? Are there any other positions you’d be willing to take?
  6. Demand for Your Credentials – Are you in a high demand field? How competitive is the market in your specific industry? Are there opportunities to “upskill” to make yourself more marketable?
  7. The quality of your documents – In a highly competitive job market, you need documents that are professional and polished including resume, cover letter, and your LinkedIn Profile.
  8. The Quality of your job search strategy and your network. You need to network, network, network – align with people in your industry. You never know what doors they can open.
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